Welcome to Yaku Collective!

Welcome to Yaku Collective!

September 3, 2021|Beauty, Fitness, Recipes

We're ecstatic to have you here! 

Let's get to know each other     🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤 



YakuCollective started with  a simple but unanswered question…

What is being healthy? 

To most of us, being healthy entails eating well and exercising regularly, yet I always felt like something else was missing. That's because being healthy is much more than that... “Healthy” encompasses a wide range of factors, including what you read, what you put in and on your body, and even your mentality. This is where we got our start! We intended to create a platform where consumers could obtain not only products, but also be transparently informed about where they come from, how they’re made, and what they’re made of. 

“The more natural, the better,” is a thought that never left our mind as we developed our formulas. We set out on a quest to find the most natural ingredients possible in order to produce products that work but also feel great, but here's the best part... they're affordable too! Because staying healthy doesn't always have to be so expensive. 

We travel across North and South America in search of local ingredients to use in our recipes, so keep an eye out for our Small Local Batches! We're also thrilled to be able to collaborate with incredible makers across the globe to ensure that our goods are created sustainably, with the best ingredients possible.

Here’s Our Promise: 

🖤 We will always use clean and safe ingredients. 

🖤We will always think about the planet and its contribution to our life because without her we wouldn’t be able to do & achieve great things. 

🖤We will NEVER test on animals! [there is no need] 

🖤We will always be here to answer any questions you have, because no-one should ever feel UNINFORMED & CONFUSED. 

Ready to dive in? 

Come along on this journey with us as we launch phase 1 of YakuCollective, we will be adding new products, brands, and informative content constantly as we grow.  

Interested in partnering with YakuCollective? 

Follow this link for the application. 

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