February 14, 2022|Wellness




Happy LOVE day! Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, we're here to share some love and have the "love talk" with you. 

Valentine's day has long been advertised as a very commercial holiday, with some even questioning if it is a "genuine" holiday at all. It has become a way to "show" someone how much you care or even love them. 

For a long time, love was understood to be an external act. Not only how we interpret love, but that love comes from someone else. From the day you are born, love is something you feel, and in some cases, you don't. When you are young love comes from your parents & your friends, and as you get older love comes from relationships. 

But what happens when you find yourself:


  •  In a fight with a friend 
  •  In a breakup 
  •  Not connected to your parents 


The feeling of love becomes absent, and that is because we have been taught that love comes from other people.


Let's change the chip because love starts



 with you! 

Self-love may appear "silly" or "weird" to some, but it is becoming more of a priority, so let 2022 be the year of self-love and self-care. Since we all have different ways of taking care of ourselves, these two concepts may mean different things to different people, but they don't have to be complex.

Why don't we start with the basics: 


To nurture oneself, you must be conscious and become more aware of your feelings and needs. Make time for good habits like sleeping, laughing, and loving yourself. Begin by being gentle and patient with yourself, knowing that your time is valuable and your health is essential. 



Allow yourself to be your #1 fan and applaud your accomplishments no matter how big, or small they are. Treat yourself to a nice dinner, a weekly care ritual, or even just silence. Don't wait for someone else, be your own date and find happiness in spending time with yourself. 



Are you tired? 

Are you sad or overwhelmed?

Are you angry or confused? 

Are you in pain physically or mentally? 

It's okay to feel this way. Don't push these feelings aside because of a deadline or because "you don't have the time." You are your priority. Take a moment to breathe and find the practice that will help you and guide you. 

Some practices could be: 


  •  Mediation 
  •  Exercise
  •  Sleep 
  •  & for some, a night out. 


Keep in mind that we are not dismissing external affection. External love from family, friends, and partners is crucial, but love should begin with loving oneself. 

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else" - RuPaul.

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