Is February The "New" New Year?

Is February The "New" New Year?

February 13, 2022|Wellness



How is February treating you?

Maybe you set some new year resolutions and are seeing them through or you are “stuck” in a sort of weird cycle that seems impossible to break. 

Don’t worry! We’ve all been there - February should be the time where we are able to re-evaluate those “resolutions” and see if they are still something that we “want” to accomplish. Don’t feel like this means you are taking a step back but instead a step in the “right direction.” 

What does the right direction mean? I know tough question. 

It means something different to all of us - Maybe your New Year’s resolution was to “loose weight” or to “be punctual” but now it could be to “eat healthier ” or “find a better balance.” I feel like we all set these HIGH expectations to what we want to accomplish and they almost seem to be “out of reach” for most of us. We are all BUSY and finding the time to “start” might feel overwhelming. 

What I can tell you is: 


We can all accomplish something wonderful we just need to walk before we run. I know.. I know this statement might seem a little cliche but bear with me. 

Let’s take a look a look at this New Year’s resolution:




“For 2022 I want to have better habits” 

Thats a wonderful resolution because you are looking to become the best version of yourself but the real question is: How do we become better and what is better? 

We can search on google “How to better my habits” or ask Alexa “Wake me up at 6am” in hopes that you will make to make it to work on time or simply “Start.” Of course I am proud of you and your initiative but let’s place this thought under a magnifying glass. 

What is a habit & what makes it a bad one? 

Maybe being tardy for work or eating chips at 3am (or even worse… going to bed without doing your night time skin routine!) - there are some many things that can be classified as a bad habit but looking at all of them and trying to figure out where to start can be extremely overwhelming and unproductive. 

Let’s start at the beginning of the day: 

Waking up early & not to just to make to work on time (even though it’s a plus) but to create a sense of balance and get rid of the anxiety of being late. 

Start here - you know walk before you run… 

Once you start with one thing it will create a ripple effect and will automatically push those thoughts to the forefront and little by little you will start to “change you habits.” 

So maybe now your New Year’s resolution is now longer “better my habits” but instead “wake up early” - this is something achievable. It’s like you can actually see what’s on the other side not just wonder. 

This is only one example but let February be the time where you can “re-evaluate” your New Year’s resolution and see it through! 

Let’s make February the “New” New Year.

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