Celebrating Our Women

Celebrating Our Women

March 8, 2022|All, Wellness




                                 Celebrating Our Women

  We are so fortunate to be able to work with such powerful women at Yaku Collective. We asked them a few questions to learn more about their self-care routines.



                             Meet Sharon - Founder

 "Healthy is not only what you eat, it's so much more than that. Everything is interconnected - Your body and mind are one and should be treated as such."


Sharon - Founder of Yaku Collective
Sharon - Founder of Yaku Collective


            Sharon's #1 Tips For:

Skincare: One tip I have is to devote 10 minutes per day to your skincare routine. I enjoy applying our Balancing Serum to my skin and massaging it for at least 60 seconds. This allows me time to get to know my skin and care for it. Another piece of advice I have is to constantly be conscious of what you put on your skin and to educate yourself on ingredients since they do matter. 

Body: Before the day begins, I often use breath work to help me center my body and mind. Before I get out of bed, I lie on my back and take deep breaths to wake up my body. These techniques help me to start the day with a clear mind and approach each day as a new day.

Mindset: Every day, I attempt to jot down my ideas and reflect on what I have accomplished. This strategy has helped me avoid becoming overwhelmed by my daily to-do list. I also try to take 15-minute breaks every couple of hours to do something that makes me happy, whether it's listening to music, taking my dog for a little walk, or making myself some tea. This allows me to compartmentalize and return to work with a clear mind and fresh thoughts.




                            Meet Karli - Esthetician  

"Your skin is always communicating with you, what is showing up on the outside is a direct reflection of what is happening on the inside. That is why a whole body wellness approach can be essential when promoting healthy skin." 


Karli- Owner of Skin With Karli
Karli- Owner of Skin With Karli


                      Karli's #1 Tips For: 

Skincare: One tip I have for encouraging healthy, vibrant skin is massage. Encouraging lymph flow and circulation in the skin is so important to nourish + oxygenate our skin cells and flush out any toxins. I love to use my Gua Sha stone when giving myself a face massage when I have some extra time or even just taking the time to gently massage in my cleanser or serum before I start the day. Make sure to keep hydrated as this will only help to keep things flowing!

Body: I love to do a gentle morning yoga sequence or a restorative night time yoga sequence before bed to get some movement in my body. I love Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube, she has all different practices and different time frames so I am able to fit it in my schedule no matter how much time I have. 

Mindset: There are a few different ways I love to check in with my mindset. Whether it be through guided meditations, daily affirmations, or recently I have been loving listening to podcasts while I get ready for the day. One of my favorites has been the Feeling Good Podcast by Kimberly Snyder. 



                    Meet Maria Jose! - Nutritionist/ Dietician

                            "Nutrition without education is just an act of repetition."

                "La alimentation sin educación es solamente un acto de repetición."


Maria Jose - Nutritionist & Dietician
Maria Jose - Nutritionist & Dietician


            Maria Jose's #1 Tips For:

Skincare: My number one skincare tip is to create different routines, one for the morning and another one for night. Your skin requires different types of care so your routines should be customized too. I also recommend moisturizing your skin with a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.

Body: What helps me connect with my body is to take a deep breath, pause for a moment and after a little bit continue with my activities. 

Mindset: To center myself for the day I love to start with moving body with a walk - then I love to come home prepare myself a celery juice and begin my daily to do's. 



                    Meet Lindsey! - Health Advocate  

"Health means to live a life prioritizing wellbeing, connection to others & joy everyday."  - Liz Stanley     


Lindsey - Health Advocate / PN1 Certified
Lindsey - Health Advocate / PN1 Certified


         Lindsey's #1 Tips For:  

Skincare: I like to keep my skin care routine very simple! I think applying too many products on your skin doesn’t give it enough time to breathe. I love using a natural handmade soap to wash before I apply a serum daily. I do this in the morning! At night I moisturize with a local handmade facial beauty cream with rose oil. I make sure when I apply anything to my skin I think of it as “feeding my skin.”

Body: I believe in order to really live life you have to have good health… so taking care of my body comes first. I prioritize working out + eating clean bc not only do I feel my best now but I know my future self will thank me! True health for me encourages individuals to recognize the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual. the goal is to have a healthy balance of them all to be able to thrive in all domains 🌱

Mind: I love mindfulness + believe it to be a huge part of being healthy! I meditate regularly + love to use guided meditations as well. I think being active + eating well can definitely play a positive part in your mental health. I recommend a gratitude journal or writing it has been the key for me!

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